The Journey
with Ghost

Our Destination

At Ghost, we’re bringing the dream of self-driving to you and your car. People drive more than one billion cars around the world each day. Our product makes driving safer and more enjoyable, starting by relieving you of the unpleasant and dangerous parts of your commute.

Our Path

Billions of people coordinate on the roads each day to safely reach their destinations. We have built our driver to behave like you -- capable of intelligently sharing the road with other drivers, bikers, and pedestrians.

Trained by observing millions of real-world miles driven by real people, our driver is as safe or safer than a real person. We mathematically verify the safety and human quality of our driver, ensuring trust, comfort and familiarity to everyone inside and outside your vehicle.

Our Team

John Hayes Portrait

John Hayes
Founder & CEO

Prior to Ghost, John founded Pure Storage in 2009 with John Colgrove. He took the company public in 2015 (NYSE: PSTG). He previously worked in the office of the CTO at Yahoo and was a founding engineer at Bix.

John earned his degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering from Guelph University in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Volkmar Uhlig Portrait

Dr. Volkmar Uhlig
Founder & CTO

Prior to Ghost, Volkmar Uhlig spent 15+ years building large scale distributed real-time systems. He was co-founder and CTO of Adello, architect at Teza Technologies, and started his career at IBM Watson Research.

Volkmar earned his PhD in Computer Science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. At KIT he architected the L4 Pistachio microkernel which is commercially deployed in over 3B mobile Apple and Android devices.

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