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Ghost Autopilot is real self-driving, allowing you to work or relax while your car drives itself. More than lane keeping and cruise control, Ghost gives you the power to take the wheel when you feel like it and fully let go when you don’t. No beeps, no babysitting. Free your hands from the wheel and your mind from the road.

Transform your car

Ghost Autopilot is a set of cameras and a computer that connects to your car’s gas, brake and steering controls. Using 360 degree HD vision, Ghost sees the road exactly like you do, combining objects and motion to interpret the same key features in the environment you use to make driving decisions.

Trained by real people driving on real roads, Ghost uses end-to-end machine learning to translate those key features into driving actions, indistinguishable from a person behind the wheel. More than just simple heuristics, Ghost captures the complexity and nuance required to safely share today’s roads with other people.